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When one goes on holiday as well as visiting museums, knowing the history of the city, seeing the most famous monuments and eating the typical foods of the region, they also go out partying at night and see how the people of that place have fun.


The tourists who arrive in London want exactly the same thing and that´s why many come to “Heaven” to enjoy the best London nights to the rhythm of the best music.


In Heaven there are special nights with activities like live shows, a band playing live, a concert, etc. Everything can happen in the club that offers us fun and more fun in its five rooms.


Some days of the week, the club has a larger gay crowd, but that doesn´t mean it´s closed to the rest. The motto is to have fun and Heaven always keeps that promise.


The majority of drinks cost three pounds so it´s an affordable price to enjoy the night. If you rented apartments in London and you find yourself in the city without knowing what to do on Saturday night, visit Heaven and you´ll definitely have a great time.