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London has a great nightlife and that´s why all tourists who during the day visit the museums, at night they go to the clubs and Herbal is one of the best. There you can dance to the rhythm of the music all night long until sunrise, and one will never get bored because the fun is guaranteed.


The best DJs in the world come to play at Herbal and that´s why it´s known around the world. Some of the names are Fabio, Goldie, Andy Weatherall and Groove Armada among others.


The atmosphere of the club is very cool and all the young people who go feel very comfortable, like if they were dancing in their own city with a group of friends.


Also, some nights there are surprises and live shows that make the crowd erupt. For example, various celebrities visit this club, like Kate Moss, Winona Ryder and The White Stripes to name a few. All of this gives it prestige and a larger number of visitors.


There are also private rooms to celebrate birthdays or stag nights. The important thing is to have fun.


Rent apartments in London to know what the English do to have fun and to know what the nightlife is like in England´s magnificent capital.