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30th International Istanbul Film Festival

Between the 2nd and 17th of April the Istanbul International Film Festival will be taking place, under the organisation of the Istanbul Arts and Culture Foundation. The 30th edition of the event will be dedicated to four fundamental figures of Turkish cinema: director Yusuf Kurçenli, director of photography Ertunç ?enkay, and actors Metin Akpinar and Zeki Alasya, who will be awarded the Cinema of Honour Prize.

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The film started out as week of exhibition of cinema that took place during summer. In 1984, they started to separate the activities, and devise what is today known as the Istanbul International Film Festival, with its date fixed in April – and in 1985 the programme went international. Sponsored by FIAPF (International Federation of Cinema Producers Association), the festival is a space for the development and discussion of international cinema – as well as for showcasing the best new Turkish cinema.

On the bill this year, just as with previous years, will be the International Competition for the Golden Tulip, as well as the national Turkish Cinema competition which includes documentaries as well as movies. The jury is made up of directors, screenwriters, actors, film historians, academics and other eminent figures from the world of cinema.

Turkish cinema has been affected by the political climate of the country and the global changes to movie production. The fundamental strength of Turkish cinema has always been the ability of its directors to express in a sensitive and realistic way the human experience, and the vitality of life in Turkey.

Amongst those contributing to the internationalization of Turkish cinema who will be awarded the Cinema of Honour at the opening on the 1st of April is actor Metin Akpinar, one of the founders and executive directors of theatre company Deveku?u Cabaret. Akpinar´s cinema career started in 1967, and he has since worked on the production of various comedy and drama television series.

Zeki Alasya, co-founder of Deveku?u Cabaret – the most influential and important Turkish theatre company during the 70s and 80s – started out in 1959, before getting behind the camera in 1973. He has acted in 64 films – 28 of which he directed himself, as well as writing 8 screenplays.

Yusuf Kurçenli, one of the most respected directors in Turkey, worked as a producer for the Turkish Radio-Television between 1973 and 1980, making his film debut in 1977 with The Price of Freedom. Other stand-out films include Eternal Tree, Avrat Gramophone, and Blackout Nights – which is to be screened at the festival.

The final prize will be awarded to director of photography Ertunç ?enkay, whose career took off in 1975 with several popular movies produced by Arzu Cinema.

For more information : http://www.iksv.org/film/english/film.asp?cid=517

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