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68th Venice International Film Festival

Venice International Film Festival comes back with the best international films for everyone. If you are tired of the mega film market, this festival is a great option to watch some of the best quality films in the industry. In spite of the political, ideological and climate changes happening everywhere, Venice International Film Festival remains as an open door for the most remarkable projects in the seventh art. Cinema is definitely the window that opens more eyes and more experiences to live from the comfort of a seat.

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This year, the American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky will be the president of the jury. Aronofsky is the director of the acclaimed movie “Black Swan”, in which we saw the seductive Natalie Portman, while we fell in love with this story ones again. The movie was so important last year, due to its versatility and style that touched us with its incredible audacity. The American filmmaker certainly was able to synthesize both the character of an independent film with flexibility of commercial films for the masses, in an intrepid and tasteful way. Perhaps this is what defines and gives him an important place in contemporary cinema. We will never forget the iconic movie “The Wrestler” with the extremely talented Mickey Rourke. This movie has been Rourke´s best performance in which he represented an old fighter who leaves everything on the fighting ring, his passion, his love for his daughter, and his life overall, is able to touch our very core.

Most probably you remember that every year, this famous festival is celebrated in the magnificent Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, which is part of the organization of the Venice Biennale. However, this event remains to be an annual meeting that rewards the best of the contemporary cinema, both independent and “mainstream”. This is not about Oscars though. Conditions are completely different and of course, there are awards granted to the author, high quality and style of the film. The most desired award of all is the famous Golden Lion, awarded to the best film in the competition. There is also the Silver Lion is awarded to the best director, and the Grand Jury Prize to recognize remarkable actors and actresses, which is also known Volpi Cup.

Undoubtedly the best of the cinema will be in Venice during the festival; a truly spectacular city, with the most romantic night views. Note that all of the action of the festival will be very close to Lido beach in Venice, legendary for many reasons, and always suitable for such a gala. For more festival information, including tickets and programs, simply visit this website: http://www.labiennale.org/en/cinema

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