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International Film Festival in Venice

There are film festivals all over the world, but few have a really big importance and are known in the film world as innovative ones that carry out the best presentations. One of the most relevant ones is the Venice International Film Festival which takes place every year at the Palazzo del Cinema, and despite taking place every year it´s known as the Venice Biennale.

At the event they award the Golden Lion, which is the most important prize, which is given to the best film, while the Silver Lion is given to the best director. Meanwhile, the actors are given the Volpi Cup, which is for the best actor and actress at the festival.

The Sala Grande, which is the room which is inside the Palazzo del Cinema, seats 10,778 people, while the Sala Volpi seats 171. There are also other venues where the festival takes place, like the Palazzo de Casinò, the Palabiennale and the Sala Astra.

The festival is definitely an obliged visit if you´re a film lover. All you have to do is rent apartments in Venice and enjoy the city.