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JazzFest Berlin

Even in the hard times of the Cold War, when a wall divided the city in two, the Berlin Jazz Festival (JazzFest Berlin) was still taking place, just like during the Second World War, Karajan´s baton did not stop in an attempt to stop the bombs. Berlin, therefore, since 1964, has been celebrating one of the most famous jazz festivals in the world. At the beginning of November, when it starts to snow and the lack of light invites in the melancholy of blues, the city is loyal to this event with the best bands, singers and even orchestras of the city. And so, just as the lights of the Festival of Lights go out, this cosmopolitan and penetrating city embarks on another dream, this time, a musical dream.


The music lovers who are fans of that thing ´they call jazz´, as Miles Davis said, have to write down this unmissable event in their calendar. The city is amazing during autumn, with plenty of cultural activity and a programme of various weeks in different places. If you´re going on a quick break to the German capital for a weekend or a few days, don´t forget to book apartments in Berlin The difficult thing will be to choose from such great accommodation and among such wonderful concerts of that thing we call jazz.