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If there´s something that Italian culture is known for it´s the importace that its society gives to good food and in this European country you can find some of the finest restaurants in the world.


But finding a place where desserts really stand out isn´t easy at all and, in Rome, one of the best places for that is L´Archeologia. This restaurant isn´t just famous for it´s starters but also for the magnificence of its desserts.


L´Archeologia, which is located in Appia Antica street, is one of the oldest places in the city and it´s perfect for a good dinner surrounded by beautiful pine trees and cobbled paths that make the atmosphere a calm and special, which you can´t find in many places. This restaurant is one of the most intimate in Rome.


Also, another of the specialities in L´Archeologia, are the ancestral dishes that they prepare which have stopped being done in the majority of the restaurants in the city. This is, undoubtedly, one of its many specialities.


If you want to have lunch or dinner quietly with a peaceful view, you can rent apartments in Rome and enjoy L´Archeologia, a place that combines the tranquility from the old Roman city and the most delicious foods in the city today.