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Latino Restaurants in Barcelona

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Barcelona is also one of the most beautiful. Its Gothic Quarter, the beautiful Mediterranean beach and its many architectural gems make it a must-see destination for travelers inEurope. One of the advantages of being a cosmopolitan city is the great gastronomic diversity it offers thanks to its mix of cultures. InBarcelona, you can eat everything, absolutely everything, and it will be prepared well by people who know what they’re doing, by people who have living here for a number of years but haven’t lost the connection to their own cultures. You can find restaurants of all types, tastes and prices, including various types of Asian food and anything found to the East or West. And this is what I’m writing about today, since I’ve had the pleasure of trying a little bit of everything inBarcelona, especially the delicious Latin American food, including the cuisine of Peru, Argentina and Chile.


Patio Latino

The first of these delicious spots is the restaurant “Patio Latino”. It offers Peruvian food of the highest standard at very good prices. The restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Gracia, in one of the narrow streets typical of this charming neighborhood. It’s in theSan Agustí Street, and you need only walk from the diagonal to the neighborhood of Gracia to find it (very near Gran de Gracia on the right). In this small but cozy restaurant you can sample the famous dry beef or chicken in chili sauce, which are really the best in Barcelona. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy a pisco sour, which I highly recommend.

La Chacha

The second restaurant is located in the Borne neighborhood, near the Triumphal Arch, and is called “La Chacha”. It’s a small Argentinean barbeque joint, which is good since it gives the place a great atmosphere. The steaks are really good, grilled by Argentinean chefs with years of experience cooking meat. I recommend the skirt steak, and of course the ribeye and mixed grill, which are priced well and is so scrumptious.


The third of these Latin American culinary wonders is the Chilean restaurant “Hugo”, which is located very near “La Chacha”. In addition to typical dishes such as pastel de choclo (a meat and corn casserole), the poor man’s steak (which is anything but poor), pebre condiment, kneaded bread, and huge meat pies (with egg, black olives and raisins), they also have wonderful cuts of fresh fish of grouper. And among other wonders, they have delicious Chilean wines. The restaurant has a good red wine list, and also serves its famous pisco sour, which a bit stronger than the Peruvian version but equally exquisite.

To ensure a memorable night at any of the three restaurants, I recommend making reservations in advance, especially at the very popular restaurant “Hugo”.

The traveler does not live on landscapes, architecture and museums alone. He or she also needs good food, and Barcelona is a gastronomic destination worth the visit. Get to know the variety of cuisines offered in the city, such as these spots offering the best from Latin America, when you rent apartments in Barcelona.