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Medici Chapel

The Medici Chapel or “Cappelle Medicee” if we say it in Italian, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractives in the Italian city of Florence. It constitutes a part of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence and hence its importance.


The chapel contains the crypts with the tumbs of the famous Medici family, but it´s not only that which this church offers but also how it works as a museum for tourists.


Donatello, the great artist and sculptor of the Renaissance, is also buried there since the 18th century. There are different chapels inside the main one and each has something special and historical.


For example. in the Cappella dei Principi (Princes Chapels), there´s the wonderful mausoleum of the dukes of Medici, buried there in the 17th century.


But the tombs are just as important for who is inside of them than for the architectonic and cultural value. Each detail of the mausoleum is a party for the tourists who take thousands of photographs of it.


The architect and designer of this church was Buontalenti and this is one of its best art works.


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