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Michelín Stars 2012: The best restaurants in Barcelona and Catalonia

Many people who are used to travelling and going to different countries and cities in the world are not only doing it to get to know the landscape, the people and the culture but also to get to know the good food that is part of a place as well as, for example its art.


There is no doubt that if there is one guide that has been recognized for its prestige and that acknowledges the most important restaurants and eateries of the world it is the Michelin Guide.


The rule this guide follows is quite simple: It assigns stars at the different places and according to the number of stars one place has the bigger or smaller is its prestige. The quantity ranges from 1 to 3 stars.


The restaurants with three stars in Barcelona and Catalonia are:


-Sant Pau in San Pol de Mar, Barcelona

-El Celler de Can Roca, in Gerona.


The Restaurants in Barcelona and Catalonia with 2 stars are the following:

-Ábac, in Barcelona

-Can Fabes, Sant Celoni, Barcelona

-Lasarte, in Barcelona

-Les Cols, in Olot, Gerona
-Miramar, in Llançá, Gerona


Here are the restaurants with 1 Michelin Star, in Barcelona and Catalonia :


-Alkimia, in Barcelona
-Evo, Barcelona
-Caelis, Barcelona
-Cinc Sentits in Barcelona
-Comerç 24, in Barcelona
-Dos Cielos, in Barcelona
-Enoteca, in Barcelona
-Gaig, in Barcelona
-Hisop, in Barcelona
-Hofmann, in Barcelona
-Manairò, in Barcelona
-Moments, (Barcelona)
-Fonda Sala, in Olost de Lluçanès (Barcelona)
-Moo, in Barcelona
-Neichel, in Barcelona
-Saüc, Barcelona
-Via Veneto, in Barcelona
-Els Casals, in Sagás, Barcelona
-L’Angle, in San Frutos de Bagés, Barcelona
-Capritx, in Terrasa, Barcelona
-Estany Clar, in Cercs, Barcelona
-Can Jubany, in Calldetenes, Barcelona
-La Cuina de San Simon, in Tossa de Mar, Gerona
-Ca L’Enric, in La Val de Viaña, Gerona
-Ca L’Arpa, in Bañolas, Gerona
-L’Aliança d’Anglès, in Anglés, Gerona
-La Llar, in Castelló de Ampurias, Gerona
-Mas Pau, in Figueras, Gerona
-Bo.Tic, in Corsá, Gerona
-Massana, in Gerona
-La Fonda Xesc, in Gombrén, Gerona
-Els Tinars, in Llagostera, Gerona
-Torreo de L’India, in Xerta, Tarragona
-Rincón de Diego, in Cambrils, Tarragona
-Can Bosch, in Cambrils, Tarragona

-Fogony, in Sort, Lleida


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