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Milkshake Festival at Westerpark in Amsterdam

“For boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys…”

That´s the slogan of this gay-friendly festival in its attempt to be the event of the year, which will take place on the 22nd of July at Westerpark, Amsterdam, an event founded by Peter van Vught and Marieke Samallo, who represent the clubs Paradiso and AIR respectively.

Milkshake <b>festival</b> Amsterdam

This event has a clear message to tell the world: no musical choice, social status or style has anything to do with sexuality, to the point that it tries to consider life as a real big party, where the essential ingredients are racial, cultural and sexual diversity among others.

But this liberal-minded festival not only will exploit the musical aspect associated to the term ´festival´ but it´s also a firm initiative for added values such as culture, creativity, art and entertainment.

For that, in the city there will also be initiatives to gather up and care for all the attending public, trying to pay special attention to the different attending collectives: homosexuals, heterosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, blacks, whites, etc.


Milkshake Festival Activities and programmes

The festival is an initiative to emphasise and go in depth into values such as tolerance and freedom, and will try and manage it with a lively and fun decoration.

Through 5 theme blocks or stages, the festival´s theme will be made up by the following stages:

–          Block Pool Party (Erwin Olaf)

This photographer is famous for his popular ´Fucques lesson Balles´, as well as his participations in the club Paradiso. He brings a touch of exuberance and freedom in everything he does, as well as in his attempts to exploit the absurd.

–          Can You Feel It (Air & Diva Mayday)

The club AIR is the witness of the talent of Diva Mayday in her already famous ´Best party of the year´ which takes place every month. With the resident DJs and along with the vocals of Miss Bunty, Diva Mayday has managed to reinvent the concept of ´normal people´ to give a chance to all mortals to feel like a true celebrity and viceversa.

–          LOLITA klup (NOW and WOW)

This performance will defy the crowd of Milkshake, presenting Lolita, a girl or a boy, it´s not very clear, but definitely a liberal-minded person, trisexual and very mischievous. It´s the comeback of Ted Langebach and Pietra Ligura after a pause of four years.

–          Paradiso Live Stage

Paradiso is the most important centre of events, with its roles of club,meeting point, nightclub and cultural point. It´s also musical love and freedom personified.

–          Supertoys (AIR)

It has managed to get its own fixated place, just like Paradiso, and they´ll have a permanent space in the festival. Regarding AIR and Supertoys, they will try and attract the visitors who want the most fun and are the most colourful.

Trying to erase any element of arrogance and bad blood, the most important aim is to achieve that everyone has the time of their life here.

To finish off, it´s worth saying that this type of festival is achievable thanks to the city of Amsterdam and certain individual businessmen who have made this event possible.

All of this effort has been made with the clear intention of carrying on exploiting and channeling innovative values and trying to achieve the necessary boost for Amsterdam to be considered one of the main gay-friendly destinations.


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