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Mirabili Gallery Florence

Mirabili Galleria in Florence is specialized in design objects and creations, from furniture to posters, where each piece is created by a famous artist or architect. The concept of this gallery is to make of the house a special place, a unique one, where you feel the pleasure of integrating art into your everyday life.

Located on Piazza de´Mozzi 4, it´s considered a landmark by interior designers due to the variety of objects that it has, that go from kitsch to minimalistic. You can find furniture which is close to the creations of the most sought-after architect of the 20th century, Carlo Molino, representative of the modernist trend and whose furniture are sold for thousands of dollars, as well as other design trends.

Among the artists that has represented Mirabili Galleria we can find the photographer Aurelio Amendola, the designer Carniti Bollea, the graphic designer Fabio de Poli, the architect Oreste Ruggiero and the artist Gianpaolo Talani, among others.

If you want your intimate space to have a twist, with the glamour that unique design brings, different to industrial production, visit Mirabili Galleria if you´re in Florence.

Take the time to relax by taking a few days holiday in apartments in Florence this winter so you can visit the city by seeing its galleries and museums.