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If Spain is known for something it´s for its incredible dishes and its food-related culture. For that reason, there are tens of restaurants in the city of Barcelona that are worth going to but some of them, understandably, stand out from the rest.


This is the case of Mirablau which is, probably, the restaurant with the best view of the whole city and in order to go to this beautiful place you have to have a reservation because it´s full every night of the year. Also, it was created so that only a few people could enjoy the evening in order to maintain an exclusive environment.


But that view that Mirablau posesses is not the only reason as to why it stands out because it is, also, an elegantly decorated restaurant where there´s a bar where you can enjoy a good cocktail or enjoy the music which the DJ plays, which is usually pop music.


Mirablau is one of the most notable and exclusive places in the city and not visiting it would be a real sin.


The best thing you can do is to rent apartments in Barcelona /a> go to the hills of Tibidabo (because of this, going with a bus would be a little complicated and it is recommended that you go in a taxi) and enjoy a spectacular evening.