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No one does it better than the Italians!

Despite its impossible-to-reach ego, we have to accept that Italians are simply the best at certain things that go beyond the culinary, music, theater and even tourism. Here our top seven:

1. Compliments

All people who have been in Italy know that Italians can play very well with the words they say, especially if it is to say compliments to raise your ego. While many people find their compliments a bit aggressive when they reach the limits of physical contact (the famous pinch in the ass), most agree that Italians are the best at expressing their feelings through compliments.

2. Sports Cars

When it comes to sports cars, I bet you can’t think of other country than Italy. I mean, a real sports car enthusiast, dreams of owning a Ferrari or a Maserati, well who wouldn’t?

Italians love luxury and sports cars are a solid proof of their constant need of beauty in everything they do.



Photo: Shane´s Stuff

3. Insults

Most foreigners in Italy fall in love with their melodic language, as in Italian, even bad words sound beautiful. The Italians concentrate the best of their speech ability, with their second to none capacity to express their feelings to say strong words that are able to hurt the feelings of those who really deserve it.

4. Relax on the beach

There is no better place in the world to lie on the beach and take a sunbath than in the beautiful boot-shaped Italian Peninsula. Its beautiful beaches, mostly crowded during the summer, are the best places to escape the boiling heat of the season. Anyways, who can blame the Italians for having a master in sunbathing?

5. Spas

Pioneers in the art of spas as we know it today, Italians know how to give a treat to their bodies in order to look and feel better. With over 400 spas, Italy is a renowned paradise for medicinal treatments with thermal water, so if you´re planning to relax and enjoy yourself during your next vacation, Italy is your best choice.

6. Desserts

The Italian cuisine is possibly the world´s most famous, I´m not talking about pizza or pasta, I´m talking about that magical combination of flavors with which the Italians create culinary masterpieces. Desserts play the important role of giving a meal the final touch of pleasure to turn it into something perfect. Gelatos are undoubtedly the most famous Italian dessert, but who hasn’t craved a Tiramisu, Cannoli, Sfogliatelle or Genovesa? Mmmmmm are you getting hungry?

7. Exploring caves

Beyond the beaches, mountains and rivers that make Italy a tourist paradise, we have its mysterious caves. These special places, which have inspired emperors and artists since ancient times, are perfect for a unique adventure. Whether you are a Spelunker or just like to have holiday filled with extreme adventures, it is a good idea to explore one of the 35,000 caves in Italy? Blue Grotto (Capri), Ear of Dionysius and Grotta Gigante are three caves that will take you breath away.