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The cold is coming… November has arrived!


November Promotion


In November, the cities on the northern part of the planet get filled with coats, scarves, hats and gloves. After the hot summer, it seems that the cold has finally set in… and it´s here to stay (for a few months at least!)

November, also, is funnily full of cultural festivals for all tastes: film, jazz, dance, architecture, art… any excuse is a good one to get away for a few days and soak in the culture of different cities. And when the event is over, what better than a nice coffee in a warm Italian coffee shop in Milán or a nice hot chocolate in a cozy café in Paris.

At Only-apartments, we would like you to enjoy these experiences and everything that our destinations can offer you at an amazing price thanks to our promotional code.

Submerge yourself in the cold and make the most of our offer. It´s valid for the first 10 days of November!


Venice. Check out the amazing architecture at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale.

Paris. Opera, film, dance, performing arts… you´ll find it all at the Autumn Festival in París.

Marrakech. Do you like film? Discover the International Film Festival of Marrakech.

London. Visit the World Travel Market and find out about the latest trends in the tourism sector.

Granada. Aside from the beautiful Alhambra, Granada offers you the International Jazz Festival.

Athens. Dance specialists from around the world arrive at the city for Dance Therapy festival.

Amsterdam. The museums of the Dutch capital will be open all night for the Museumnacht.

Milan. The city of opera and classical music… La Scala is waiting for you!

Moscow. Walk around Red Square and visit Art-November in Moscow.

Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital will make a big impression on you with the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival.