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Kalverstraat is another of the many shopping streets in Amsterdam, but it´s a pleasure to walk through it and visit it. Its shops are so organized among each other that it even looks like an open air shopping centre.


On the streets webpage you can see its route and which shops are where and you can organize your “shopping day” itinerary from home, selecting which shops you´re going to visit.


The architecture of each one of the shops is wonderful and typically local so walking down there gives a beautiful old feeling of history.


In the shops we can find all the items and we can easily spend all day on that street that it will definitely guarantee a good time, because there are also cafés and restaurants to eat something will we rest from so much shopping.


All the brands are first class. Some of the streets that we can find on Kalverstraat are Zara, Laura Ashley and Waterstones among others.


You can see the museums, monuments, shopping centres and restaurants around the place because everything is close by.


If you want to enjoy the city like if it´s yours, rent apartments in Amsterdam and feel Dutch for a day.