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Trussardi Alla Scala Restaurant Milan

Around the world it is known that one of the things which is looked after the most in Italy, aside from fashion, is food. So much so, that it is part of culture and the restaurant Trussardi Alla Scala is one of those that won´t let you, the tourists and the locals down.


The restaurant, located in a beautiful area of Milan, has an attractive design, but, at the same time, casual and elegant. The chef, Andrea Berton, is known around the world not just for preparing the most exquisite Italian cuisine dishes but, at the same time, for allowing innovation.


For these reasons, Trussardi Alla Scala became one of the most important restaurants of the city which is visited by stars from around the world to enjoy international cuisine. For all of these reasons, the Michelin Guide gave it its well-known starts for two years running.


If you want to enjoy an elegant place for people who are on the international culinary scene, you can rent apartments in Milan and get to know Trussardi Alla Scala, but, also, one of the most important cities in the world.