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Paradiso in Amsterdam

If there are two places that we would never link together in this world, they are a club and a church. Just thinking that a sacred temple could be related or, even worse, become a profane and recreational temple dedicated to fun, seems like a crazy idea. Such a crazy idea that if it ever happened, it would have to be somewhere really crazy or open to different possibilities. If there´s somewhere in the world like that, that´s Amsterdam.


And so, in this special city, famous for its coffee shops where it´s legal to smoke marihuana, its red light district, its canals, its museums and for being the capital of the Netherlands, there´s a club that used to be a church, a temple where all the local church goers used to go. This old temple was abandoned in time and it was restored as a venue for shows, something that could have only happened in Amsterdam (since I cannot imagine anywhere else where this could also happen, unless it´s a temple that was destroyed for X-reasons, but it´s not the case). The building, a very beautiful one, is today one of the biggest concert venues, clubs and cultural centres in the city. The ritual changed, although there´s a new ritual in place now, and it focuses on worship of music.

Paradiso is divided in three areas: the first one is the concert venue, the second one is the club and the third and last one is the cultural centre. The concert venue is divided in two rooms; a big one and a small one. The latter is dedicated to more alternative music or underground bands. The club is open five days a week and the rooms maintain the atmosphere of the old church, the characteristic feature of Paradiso. On the other hand there´s the cultural centre, where you can witness anything from a fashion show to a scientific conference, since its aim is to explore culture and art in all of its aspects and related fields.

If your destination is Amsterdam in the coming weeks, don´t miss out on one, two or three visits to Paradiso, one of the best nightclubs in the city.

For more information visit: http://www.paradiso.nl/web/English-Agenda.htm


Concerts, parties, conferences, theatre and more is what you can find in one of the most famous and amazing places in Amsterdam, Paradiso. If you´d like to go there, you just have to rent apartments by days in Amsterdam and experience for yourself the thrill of dancing and enjoying the music that you like inside a church.