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Paul Simon concert in Amsterdam

It is known that Amsterdam is a city where many musicians have always gone to have fun. Thus, in rock history, Amsterdam, always is remembered for the famous concert by The Doors in September 1968 in which they appeared without Jim Morrison. Was it the new false phase of The Doors after Jim´s death? Not at all. Jim died back in 1970, The chaos in Amsterdam is remembered till date by the band and the fans, being a particularly restless and unforgettable night , and the events that triggered it  of course involve drugs and rock n roll. The story goes like this: apparently, The Doors had spent time touring with Canned Heat. During the tour, the fabulous singer of Canned Heat, Bob “The Bear” Hite, gave Jim a piece of hashish, who of course waited for the best time to consume it and kept it in his pocket. When The Doors were about to come to Holland, his manager told him it would be best to get rid of all the drugs they carried. Morrison, faced with this situation,  swallowed the piece of hashish  “The Bear” had given him in front of the astonished gaze of the other band members.


During that evening, before going on stage with The Doors, Jim continued to drink alcohol, especially whiskey. While the time to hit the stage approached, Jim was getting lost further into space and during the performance of Jefferson Airplane, who opened the concert for The Doors, Morrison went on stage to dance and sing with them. He attempted to kiss Grace Slick as she sang, and then went on dancing, until he fell unconscious in the clubhouse. As expected, the effect of alcohol and the high level of hashish in Morrison´s body, and other drugs that he had consumed, left him exhausted. Morrison had to be taken by ambulance to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. That night, The Doors would play a considerable part of their hits without the presence of their frontman. Ray Manzarek sang the lyrics in a very serious and bluesy tone of  hits like “Break on Through,” “Soul Kitchen” and “Back Door Man”.

Of course, things like that happened in the sixties. And although Paul Simon belongs to this angry and rebellious generation, you will not hear wild noise from him,  pretty much the opposite, mellow songs and poetry. His album “Graceland” has just turned 25, Paul returns to the road to show that it still has alot to offer. For more information on the concert in Amsterdam this July 18, click here: http://www.paulsimon.com/


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