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The Poble Espanyol for Kids, in Barcelona

During the Roaring Twenties, Barcelona displayed even greater splendor each morning. It made the city sparkle. It filled the suburbs with stately homes. Modernism decorated all the public places. Goods left the city’s ports en route to remote destinations. The suburbs were plagued with textile factories. Picasso and his friends discussed ideas at the tables of “Els quatre gats”, and the whole town was an ebb and flow of ideas and diverse artistic currents. Barcelona always wanted to be at the forefront. And the result of this strength and openness, magnified by the many other major international events that have come later, is the Poble Espanyol. It opened in the highlands of Montjuic in 1929 for the world exposition, and it may well be the world’s oldest theme park that is also used recreation and leisure.


Today the Poble Espanyol is a place open to everyone, especially families with children, with activities of all kinds and for all tastes. But, let´s take a closer look. The Poble Espanyol features wonderful reproductions of the various architectural styles of the country. You can visit a recreation of a Castilian plaza and then see a Galician granary. In addition, you can organize and rent spaces for any event (end of the year holidays, weddings, family celebrations or business parties). In addition, the Poble Espanyol has a space reserved for concerts and their own programs, especially in the summer months when they offer a variety of events, as we make note of occasionally. What´s more, there offer workshops, craft and art exhibitions, and other entertainment.

This creative agenda is what makes the Poble Espanyol a favorite destination for travelers and families as well as the citizens of Barcelona. The park also has special programs for children. Not only will children enjoy visiting the grounds, but the Poble Espanyol also offers events worthy of capricious princesses and princes. Here’s the link to find out more about the events for children in 2011-2012: http://www.poble-espanyol.com/pemsa/ca/03-poble-dels-nens/familiar.html

Children can learn the intricacies of craft activities in this part of world (basketry or pottery, for example) or make simple cocktails, allowing them to learn some rudimentary cooking skills. They can also become enrapt with the tales of the storyteller. Children´s theater, street puppetry like they used to, musical events using soap bubbles, workshops to make puppets or books, introductions to the construction of traditional games, or becoming immersed in parties and events … all this and more await children in Poble Espanyol. The main point is, of course, for the children to have fun and spend time socializing with other children, but they will also learn about and be exposed to other worlds.

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They open each day at 10 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. in the winter. In summer, they stay open until 8 p.m. and offer discounts for families. You can make reservations from your accommodation in Barcelona or buy tickets at the box office.