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Biergarten- Beer Festival in Barcelona

Once again this year in Barcelona’s Poble Espanyol, the German beer festival Biergarten will be taking place.


From 6pm on April 30 in Poble Espanyol, you will have the chance to go to the most anticipated festival of the year- the German Beer Festival Biergarten. Biergarten is going to be in town for 1 weekend only, so make sure you don’t miss out. It’s a family affair since there are activities for everyone from midday until 2am and the best of all, it’s free entry. 

Biergarten translates to The Beer Garden in English and it originates from Baviera, Munich. The tradition started in the 19th century. When it is nice weather outside, everyone heads off to the old cobbled streets, main plazas and parks in Baviera where they’ll casually drink a few beers and eat lots of local food with their friends and family. And on April 30 for the weekend, you’ll have the chance to do the same right here in Barcelona.

There’s something for everyone in Poble Espanyol’s Biergarten to get you into the German spirit. For the kids, they will be able to decorate cookies. The teens can chill out with their friends and listen to the traditional German and international music. The adults meanwhile can go and learn how to pull a real beer. Biergarten is slightly different to a regular beer festival in the sense that you don’t just get to taste new beers. Another reason to attend is that you will be able to taste local German food. Like a true German, there will be lots of different food to pick at throughout the day, such as: frankfurts, bratwurs, Kartoffel salad, bretzels and lots more will be available so you can try the best of what Germany has to offer. When you leave Biergarten, you will feel like a true German.


Everyday there will be an activity or an event which represents Germany. On Saturday afternoon, there will be live music by Mancuso, so you’ll be able to sip your cold beers whilst listening to some German music with your friends and family.

Biergarten is also different to other German festivals because not only can you sample the different beers and try new foods, you’ll also have the chance to participate in competitions and workshops such as “The Spiciest Sausage” and “The production of beer” with a real brewer.

Kick start your spring and come to Pobe Espanyol on April 30 until May 3 so you don’t miss out on trying Germany’s finest beers and gastronomy.