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Poble Espanyol Barcelona

Poble Espanyol is perhaps one of the first theme parks in the world, even before the ideas of the Disney Factory, because it was built in 1929. This small complex that tries to recreate the most traditional Mediterranean architecture with its narrow streets and squares is, today, a cosmopolitan and dynamic place with activities for the whole family.


There are theatre shows, puppet shows, competitions for children and adults, all sorts of workshops, visits to the craftsmen located in the park, clowns, picnic areas and concerts for every taste. Because the programme is renovated constantly, the best thing for you to do is to visit its website, that´s here on the right-hand column, before you visit it.


Also, as well as the programmed activities at Poble Espanyol, they can organize a customized party for you. If you live outside Barcelona, you just have to rent one of the apartments in Barcelona that are offered to rent by short stays, so that your time there is a total success.


To the charm of this almost century old place, you can add the good work of its organizers so that the whole family can have a great time.

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