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In the Piazza San Marco in Venice you can find a series of buildings that delimit the actual square and that, as a whole are called the Procuratie. They´re beautiful buildings, in arches, that are already classics of the city of Venice and that were finished after the occupation by Napoleon.


This is the main square where the Cathedral of San Marco, the Torre dell´Orlogio and other historic monuments find themselves. For that, tourists fill the centre of this great square and go there a thousand times before leaving the Italian city for good.


There are two types of Procuratie: the old ones and the new ones. The old building, is in the north part of the square and they were built in the 12th century and served as location points and procurators´ offices of the time.


The new construction, which was built in 1586 with a more Classical style, which differentiates itself from the old Procuratie that are Gothic style. Before 1810, these two buildings were separated by a church, that was destroyed that year and where they built a third building, the Napoleonic Wing of the square, of Neoclassic style.


This square, together with these buildings, is today the tourist centre of the city and the foreigners not only take photos there, but they also eat and drink delicious coffees as well as buying souvenirs. To get to know this jewel of the city, rent apartments in Venice