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Quirky Animals Around the World

There are spots around our planet where really quirky animals are hiding. Do you fancy diving with sharks? Have you ever seen how the tarsier monkeys act? Did you know that Tasmanian devils are endangered? Ever wondered how the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands live? In this post we recommend some fantastic experiences with animals.


  • Diving with unusual animals: We are talking about the whale sharks of the Philippine island of Cebu (which are vegetarian). Since there’s no risk to your life, it’s not necessary to enter a cage in order to dive with these sharks. You just have to go to the Marine Park of Oslob to enjoy this unique experience. They can grow up to 18 meters and we assure you they are very playful. For about 10 euros per person, a fisherman will pick you up from the shore and you bring you out in a small wooden boat. There’s no need to dive, as you will see them with a mask and snorkel. But if you want to dive with hammerheads and black fin sharks, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are the place to be. In the Gordon Rocks area (on Santa Cruz Island) you will see them moving quietly from one side to other. They have so many varieties of food below the water that they completely ignore humans. Or at least, nobody has been bitten in the Galapagos to date. North of Santa Cruz Island it’s also easy to spot sea lions and turtles, both above and below the water’s surface.
  • The largest turtles in the world: We couldn’t talk about the Galapagos Islands without mentioning its giant tortoises. Since they have been declared endangered, they are very well protected. At the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island, you can see how they are bred up until release. They are free and wild, coexisting with the inhabitants of the island since ancient times. In fact, their life expectancy usually exceeds 100 years. And if you want to sleep in a magical place, I recommend that you go to Semilla Verde, which is a small hotel within a huge coffee finca located in the center of Santa Cruz. You will be able to appreciate nature, and it’s super easy to see the turtles, which occasionally pass nearby.
  • The Tasmanian Devil: They really do exist. The Tasmanian devil lives on a small island south of Australia, on the other side of our planet. It looks like a small dog but is not. The devil feeds on carrion. They are listed as endangered, since many of them suffer from a type of highly contagious facial cancer, which is why they live in the Narawntapu National Park. Those living there are actually healthy and reproduce normally. They hope to keep them isolated until the disease is eradicated.
  • Tarsier monkeys in Bohol Island, Philippines: This type of monkey is really curious. They are tiny, no larger than 10 or 12 centimeters, and usually spend the day sleeping perched in the trees of the Tangkoko National Park. They are funny. They have bulging eyes, which will stare out at you. Please note, however, that silence is required in the park because they could fall out of the tree and die if they hear noises. These are highly protected since they only exist there. If you’re a fan of quirky animals, visiting Bohol Island is a must.