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Rare, fun and quirky London Museums

If you were expecting us to talk about the wonderful museums of art or natural history that occupy the streets of London, you are wrong. Today we want to talk about the non-traditional museums.


Photo by Matt From London

The Fan Museum

This is a very unique museum located at number 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich. It opens from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 5pm. On Sundays it opens at 12. You don’t want to miss the permanent exhibition of all kinds of fans: from all ages, from all places and for all occasions. Then you can walk around the store to treat yourself or buy a souvenir.

Museum of brands, packaging and advertising

If a tomato can, by the hand of the great Andy Warhol, is elevated to the altars of arts, is there anything else we should be impressed of? This is a museum to enjoy all kinds of objects that in a way or another have become symbols or icons in the consumer society that started growing during the fifties. Located in Notting Hill (at number 2 Colville Mews), it opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. and on Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Be aware of the special opening hours during Easter, Christmas and holidays.

Firefighters Museum of London

This is an essential place to visit if you are traveling with children in the delightful British capital. Here you will discover how firefighters are essential to support our communities. There is a great permanent exhibition that shows a historical journey that includes elements as antique trucks, colorful clothes and accessories (helmets, axes and hoses). It is located in Winchester House. Online booking is available.

The Museum of Magic

This is a museum dedicated to keeping safe the charms and secrets of magicians, jugglers and conjurers, with the artist Harry Houdini in the lead. Adults and children will enjoy discovering some tricks of the art of magic. It is located in Euston, number 12 Stephenson Way. They open at 11:30, by appointment (It is possible to book online) , and the trip takes around two hours.

The Cuming Museum

Located at number 151 Walworth Road, it doesn’t have its own Website yet. Created by Richard and Henry Cuming (father and son) during the Victorian era, this is a quirky place that recreates the interests and obsessions of the nineteenth-century middle class. It has a motley decoration of this period; this collection is just as eclectic and abundant as the Cuming mansion. Here you can enjoy observing all kinds of objects, from the everyday life of the nineteenth century, as well as ancient Egyptian antiquities, which were very fashionable to adorn indoor spaces during that time. This is truly another great place for people who like curious, extravagant, beautiful and rare objects.

In London there are more museums of this type, but there is not enough space to talk about all of them.


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