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Araz Restaurant Budapest

Araz Restaurant is a classic with its pleasant atmosphere which maintains the splendor from Budapest´s art nouveau. It´s located in the historical area in the city which is the centre of all tourist attractions, the 7th District. Its concept in food is to maintain the classic gourmet taste which the local bourgeoisie at the beginning of the 20th century, but with innovations which make its dishes a true pleasure for your taste buds.

Its specialities are based in recipes inherited by old chefs and they preserve that traditional aroma from Hungarian cuisine, which is considered as one of the country´s most rooted cultural traditions.

According to the experts, Hungarian cuisine is one of the most eclectic and complex ones, with mixes from East and West where we can find flavours which are typical of Italy, Russia or Turkey.

Araz has nine principles which it has imposed itself and which have given its food international recognition. One of them is the use of first class fresh products; another is that the portions can´t be too small or too big; the dishes can´t contain gluten  or any other product with a high allergen degree, as well as a few others.

If you want to enjoy a few autumn days, I recommend that you do so in apartments in Budapest where there´s not only comfort and good taste but a whole world to discover.