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Restaurants in New York

If you go to New York, nothing is better than to taste the wide variety of styles of food offered. And as in any big cosmopolitan city,  communities from many parts of the world have settled in the Big Apple, your options to taste new dishes never end. Each area of ??New York has restaurants that are more typical than others, or maintain a certain style or charm that will captivate you.
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If for example you are looking for Chinese food, of course, nothing is better than going to the classic Chinatown area. Similarly, in the south of the city, Little Italy awaits you with the best pizza and pasta, where you will also find the first pizzeria in the United States, that  opened to the public in the late nineteenth century. The Village area has many cafes, bars as well as alternative sites, sushi, Indian food and Thai, among many other places. If you want the Latin flavor, nothing beats going Queens where the best Cuban, Mexican and Latin American food is found.  Brooklyn is also characterized by its variety of cafes, outdoor restaurants, bars, all different and for everbody. Here some restaurants will surely fascinate you.

Delmonico´s is one of the best places to eat meat in New York. A restaurant that has existed since 1837, the attention and care that Delmonico´s offers and its dishes are unbeatable. Reservations must be made several weeks in advance, If you plan to be in New York and go to Delmonico´s, book way in advance so you do not miss an amazing experience.

Angelo´s on Mulberry Street, is another deep memory of the history of Italian food in the United States. Opened since 1902, pizzas and pastas at this fabulous restaurant will transport you to straight to Italy. With a long list of wines as well as appetizers and main dishes, it is also a place that lends itself to romance and intimate dining.

Freemans is a restaurant where you will find rustic American food. Delicious burgers, cocktails, salads, among other dishes, are at your disposal as well as other delicious products. Their desserts are also well known, as well as the large variety of wine of your choice.

Another place not to be missed is the fabulous Locanda Verde, an Italian tavern located in Tribeca district, with excellent Italian food and fine wines that you cannot miss. This place is also known for its delicious cappuccinos and delicious desserts. Ideal for lunch or for afternoon snack.

If you are looking to have a drink in a classic bar, visit the famous Bridge Café, which opened in 1794, one of the first spaces dedicated to drinking in New York, right near the Brooklyn Bridge. This is an option you can have to go to after a meal or have a snack. Just a little more exploring is all i takes in the Big Apple to find theses and other options, there are a thousand more waiting to be discovered.

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