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Spiegelkwartier is the place where you have to go shopping if you´re a fan of antiques and art in general. There you´ll find everything that you want to buy, especially collectable items of great historical and cultural value.

But Spiegelkwartier isn´t a determined place nor a shopping centre but an old part of town typical in Holland where one can see the façades of the old buildings and that makes it into something attractive for tourists.
The atmosphere there is magical because that has been the ´arty´ part of town in Amsterdam for over 80 years and walking down there is like going back in the past.
The items that one can find there to buy go from archeological objects to 17th century furniture as well as original ceramic pieces, old clocks and various oil paintings from different artists.
In this district you can also find a warm place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply to have a drink because in every corner we´ll find a typical restaurant that brings us the best Dutch dishes.


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