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Summer Fashion in Barcelona

Fashion is always one step ahead and during the recent fashion weeks we could see the trends for winter and spring of next year. Here’s a short summary of this year’s summer fashion.

Summer <b>fashion</b> Barcelona

Barcelonais a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer when many people come to enjoy the beaches and nightlife of the beautiful Catalan capital. In fact, it’s not surprising that styles found on the streets here are of all types and often blend influences from all over the world. But there are always a few trends that determine a particular year’s “summer look”, in a similar way that a certain song will dominate a season.

Walking the streets inBarcelonaI have noticed some trends:


Let’s start with colors. Each season has certain colors that dominate, and this season they are fluorescent colors, a trend that very much reminds me of the eighties. Shoes, accessories and nails in fluorescent colors call for attention and are also a bit daring.

Maxi skirts

One trend that has stayed with us since spring is the maxi skirt. You can see it in many variations. Some are very formal in chiffon, for example, and worn with heels, but with a pair of flip flops and your bikini underneath, this can be your go-to outfit for the beach or whatever.


Baby got back! With such high temperatures it is normal to wear less clothing, and this summer one sees many backs. Girls are wearing a lot of dresses and shirts with an open back.


Patterns this summer are very colorful and lively. And people aren’t afraid to mix different patterns, rather just the opposite! Stripes and flowers are a great match, for example.

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