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Tangomania Amsterdam

During the cold Dutch winter, in the city of the northern canals, in beautiful Amsterdam, there´s a very special tango festival: Tangomania. The last week of December (from the 26th to the 30th), the fans of this dance from Buenos Aires, born in this Argentinian city´s marginal joints, have an unmissable event.


Tango is one of those dances which has trespassed frontiers for its sensuality and strength, and today we find magnificent dancers around the world: from Japan to France, from Russia to Chile. Due to the magnificent reception of the festival which is on its fourteenth edition, the organizers have been even forced to change the location of the final to a bigger venue.


The traveller can practice a little in his apartments in Amsterdam but without wanting to discourage anyone, the participants who will present themselves at Tangomania Amsterdam are the best in the world and the competition is therefore very fierce.


Anyway, it´s a good way to enjoy the well doing of the participants. We´ll be behind the screen and any comment on the event is always welcome.