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The decoration of your apartment (interview with Rached)

1. Tell us a little bit about you: how long have you been renting your apartment? How long have you been listed in Only-apartments?

We are in the holiday rentals business since 2004 as a travel agent, and since 2007 we started with our own apartments targeting high-end clientele and therefore selecting premium locations for our properties and taking our time for furnishing and decorating our apartment to suit the taste of our guests. Actually I can say without any exaggeration that we own some of the highest quality apartments in Prague, if compared to our competition.

2. Could you explain how you decorate it?

Starting with the main pieces of furniture and finishing with the small details for decoration, we always decide about a style for the apartment and then we try to keep a coherence of colors and materials during the decoration process. For example, combining dark this business and attract the same high level clientele, so reinvesting into the apartment is considered a part of our expenses, replacing furniture that gets old or used, updating electronics with the latest technologies, or adding new decoration items to give a new life to the apartment.

6. How would you describe your style of decoration?

I can answer in one word: unique! As you can see our apartments, we don’t use usual decoration from Ikea or similar, we source costly pieces of decoration and furniture for our apartments to keep our unique style.