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Tiergarten Berlin

Berlin, one of the cities that receives more tourists per year in Europe, is a wonderful place.


As well as having everything necessary to have a good time, it also has places to walk and relax with plenty of green. One of the most famous places is the Tiergarten park, which is located in the city centre and, since 2001, it´s also a district.


In its early years, the Tiergarten was a place which was used to hunt and, with time, it became one of the places that both locals and tourists use for their leisure, walking with friends and relax a bit further away from the noise and bother from the streets.


Also, the Tiergarten is famous for being the place where the Love Parade takes place, which is one of the events that gathers the most people in Europe.


It has over 500 acres in surface and it´s known as one of Berlin´s lungs. It´s an immense place which completely changes the city´s landscape.


Anyone who wants to enjoy the Tiergarten just have to rent apartments in Berlin and enjoy the tranquillity and the green of the park.