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Travel Destinations for Spring

They say “spring alters the blood.” Can you imagine being surrounded by cherry blossoms? Or maybe you’d like to go for a stroll through a bamboo forest? Or would you prefer tulips? Whether you’re traveling with children or planning a weekend getaway or a last-minute trip, you won’t want to miss these spring landscapes that will beautify your vacation with flowers. Here are some springtime traveling recommendations.

Valle del Jerte, Extremadura (Spain):


When we talk about springtime destinations, no list would be complete without the Jerte Valley in Extremadura … More than a million cherry trees cover the valley and form an impressive white blanket. It’s a real visual spectacle that few can resist and it has also been declared a regional tourist attraction. But you have to travel there at just the right time. The cherry blossoms reach their peak between late March and early April, and that is the only that you can enjoy their beauty. The area’s nature, culture and gastronomy attract visitors from around the world for a number of weeks. Once you’ve arrived, I recommend visiting the mountain villages of Jerte and, of course, Piornal (the highest of the Extremadura). The views from there are truly memorable. As are those from the Port of Tornavacas and throughout the Garganta de los Infiernos Natural Reserve. Regarding the culinary specialties, I would suggest trying the typical local products: their jams, wines and spirits made from cherries.

Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama (Japan):

Bambú de Arashiyama

It’s a wonder of nature. Most likely without adding much more, you know I’m referring to a forest. When you see it, you will understand why it is one of the major tourist attractions in Japan and why it is so magical. Here the protagonist is undoubtedly bamboo (a plant which has become a national symbol). The Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama is a place that will inspire you to become attuned to the sounds of the gently swaying bamboo trunks. They are not all the same: there are 50 different types of bamboo and some can exceed 20 meters in height. My advice is that you visit the forest at sunrise or sunset to admire the colors that the light projects on the plants. Moving clockwise, the picture changes. It is pure magic. Once there, you’ll have hard time leaving.


The tulip fields of Holland:

tulipanes holanda

In spring, the country is transformed into a stunning mosaic of colors. The Dutch tulip season starts in mid-March and continues well into May. This is the best time for the bulbs and also the best climate. The most important tulip fields are located in Noordoostpolder in the province of Flevoland, Taimen in the Kop region, or also in Bollenstreek. In the latter you’ll find the famous Keukenhof Park, where more than 700,000 bulbs are offered every spring to the delight of visitors. To get around the “Dutch countryside” there are hiking and bike routes or you can go by train. A feast for the eyes and nose.


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