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Tell me what you fear and I’ll tell you where to travel to for Halloween

The scariest night of the year is just around the corner, that night when all our fears come to light in the funnest and most casual way.  That’s the time to laugh at everything that scares us and confront it all through Halloween costumes, creepy decor and terrifying handicrafts.

But if there’s a sure way to put our most absurd phobias to the test, it’s by traveling to their source and facing them.

Today, we’d like to suggest some destinations to transmute your fears and have a traveling Halloween that you will never forget.

Ghosts – Prague


Prague is a city of fairytales and legends. Its many castles and cathedrals harbor stories full of mystery that turn the Czech capital into the perfect destination for ghost encounters worthy of a terrifying All Hollow’s Eve. From the Old Town, to the Jewish Quarter, and passing through Tyn Church, Prague’s paranormal presences extend all over the city: the  ghost of the Turk, the bell-ringing Nun, the Jewish Dancer, and the mad Barber are just some of the specters you might run into on a night walk through Prague. Do you dare?

Vampires – London

Though we all know that vampires originated in Transylvania, home of Count Dracula, it just so happens that through the centuries, the UK has become their home away from home. So much so, that there are several companies offering vampire tours through graveyards and forests known for being the site of satanic and occult rites.

Moreover, there’s a number of studies and research stating that the UK is home to a “secret subculture” of 15,000 vampires that move freely through areas like Birmingham, Alum Rock, and Small Heath.

Witches – Edinburgh

Wonderful Edinburgh hides a dark past as one of the towns with most witch executions between 1563 and 1722. Most were strangled before being burned at the stake in Castlehill. That’s why today, we can visit the Witches’ Well, a monument commemorating the more than 300 women that were accused of witchcraft here.

Moreover, the Gothic architecture of the city, coupled with the mist and fog that perpetually envelop it, give Edinburgh an eerie atmosphere that fits in perfectly with a killer Halloween.

Zombies –  NY

All Hollow’s Eve is a magical night in New York. The trick or treating tradition keeps adults and children excited as the spectacular Greenwich Village Halloween Parade takes over the streets of Manhattan. Wandering in the company of monsters and zombies is a possibility on this night, and having a spine-chilling experience in the Big Apple can be one of your best plans for this coming Halloween.