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Fluorescent Art Museum

If you´re in the city of Amsterdam you should, undoubtedly, take some time to visit the Fluorescent Art Museum that, differently to most of the other museums, doesn´t have the policy of ´no touching´ the works. On the contrary, it encourages its guests to become part of its works and samples.


The place, which is one of the newest museums in the city, opened its doors in 1999 and it´s the only one of its type in the whole world, which makes it really curious and interesting.


The museum houses a large amount of light-sensitive objects and minerals that modify their colour when under a black light, so they become fluorescent.


One of the exhibitions is so big that its variety of views, shapes, tones and details can be explored by the visitors both walking through it and sitting down from a distance to appreciate it.


Spending an afternoon in this museum will be very entertaining because there isn´t another place in the world that compares to this one, and the experiences that you´ll live here will be unique. You can rent apartments in Amsterdam and enjoy the Fluorescent Art Museum.