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Uncanny in Istanbul

On September 15th,  Istanbul´s Modern Museum opens the exhibition Uncanny that brings together the photographic works of six young artists from Turkey, with the intention to transport the viewer into images that are  somehow in the collective memory and at first glance seem vaguely familiar.

uncanny istanbul

The Uncanny concept was used for the exhibition due to the use given by philosophy and art to refer to the sensation of having witnessed or experienced a new situation previously, what the French call déjà vu or deja vu. This strange situation which provokes awe and wonder was examined by the Frenchman Émile Boirac, in his book The Future of Physical Sciences

Photography is always an amazing event, where the viewing, the observation and sensitivity are always in tension when the image becomes reality and from there, observing fascinated the process of the image appearing through developing solutions.  This unique process, which only the photographer can live is an uncanny situation. Looking for the first time at something that has already seen, is what this exhibition seeks to convey as a concept through the extraordinary work of the photographers Melisa Onel, Silva Bingaz, Çinar Eslek, Zerene Goktas, Banu Zeynep Cenneto?lu and Kayan.

All the photographers are part of the new generation of Turkish artists and all have had relevant international experience participating in important exhibitions and biennials as well as working outside of Turkey, such is the case of  Bingaz Silva, a photographer  that has developed important work in Japan.

Cenneto?lu Banu is a photographer of the generation that lived through the crisis of the  70´s and 80´s, the years of frustration, something that has influenced her photography and her attitude in her creations. Her work is diverse, from photographic installations to  photography books with small text and occasionally dabbling in video. Her work has represented Turkey at the Venice Biennale, where she blends concepts with photographs.

Cinar Eslek explores through painting, photography and video the potential that human beings have in different contexts and the relationship of body and space. This theme works in various media, but the image is always the focus of his work. Creating interesting conceptual art works which use pictures that have been cut out and glued on paper. For Eslek “the space of art is a mental and psychic environment” which is where his work is born.

Melisa Onel is a photographer and filmmaker, documentary maker and video artist whose works have participated in the Berlinale.

Zeynep Kayan is a photographer born in Ankara. He works with photography and video. His conceptual dreamlike narrative art unfolds fixing as the axis  the female figure.

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Nancy Guzman Only-apartments AuthorNancy Guzman

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