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Utrechtstraat is another of the many streets in Amsterdam that are crowded with shopping tourists. If one wants to walk down a shopping street, they have to go to Utrechtstraat because they will definitely find something to buy that they like and looks good on them.


There are all types of shops and they´re all beautiful although each in its own way. For example, we can find fashion shops and shops that sell gifts, accessories, jewelry and even interior designers, but also, some of these shops are unique and exclusive like the gourmet food ones, ecological and naturist shops, music shops and even bookshops.


And it´s precisely because of that that it´s an excellent option for tourists, because there they´ll find the best and most original gifts to take home when they go back from their holidays.


But that´s not all. You can also find bars and restaurants among the shops so that you can sit down for a relaxed drink while, for example, your wife tries on which shirt suits her best. Or you can stop and relax from shop to shop and have a nice coffee to warm the body up a bit in cold, Dutch winter.


The most important thing is to see the city as if you were Dutch. For that, rent apartments in Amsterdam and feel like at home.