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A stay in New York isn´t like any other stay because it´s one of the most expensive cities in the world and if you want to enjoy it without suffering consequences later, you have to plan everything very well. Thinking about your fun, we´ve decided to give you some details so that your economy doesn´t suffer and you only have good memories of your trip to the capital of the world.


Assuming that Chinatown is a must visit spot in your holidays, we can tell you that it´s the ideal place to buy counterfeits of expensive labels and it´s a huge challenge to find the semi-clandestine places where they sell Gucci wallets and accessories, Rolex watches and other varieties of fake brand objects. To get to them we have to have a sharp hearing because the invitation to these places is a mouth to mouth one.

But if you´re a firm detractor of counterfeit, we an tell you to go to Secaucus in New Jersey, in front of Manhattan, where you can find outlet stores. There are three outlets that have all types of products really cheap: Designer Outlet Gallery, Harmon Cove Outlet Center and Outlets at the Cove.

Designer Outlet Gallery is located on 55 Hartz Camino, right in the heart of Meadowlands. There you can find carpet shops, designer label shops and children´s clothes shops with discounts from 20% to 60%. Its doors are open from Monday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm and o Sundays they open an hour later.

Harmon Cove Outlet Center is located on 20 Empresa avenue and has 27 shops and 5 restaurants. In this centre you can find from children´s clothes to gift shops and even furniture stores. It´s open 7 days a week from 10am and it closes at 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, 8pm on Thursday and Friday and Saturdays at 7pm.

Outlts at the Cove is 10 minutes away from Manhattan, at 45 Meadowland Parkway. Here you can find all sorts of first-class products at sale prices. It´s open 7 days a week from 10am except on Sundays, that it opens an hour later, and it closes at 6pm on Mon-Wed and Sun, 7pm Fri-Sat and 8pm on Thu.

But because not everything is cheap shopping, here is some information on where to eat after shopping. New York has many places where you can buy some nice food and eat it in a park. Many of them are on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, the best of them being the restaurant at number 120, where you can make your own salads and eat roast chicken and pasta. If you like pizzas, at Lombardi´s you can buy a pizza of 8 slices and salad for $30, and it´s located on 32 Spring St in Soho.

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Happy trip to the capital of the world! And remember that the biggest saving will be by renting apartments in New york