Winter, the onsen time in Tokyo

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Traveling to Japan and learning about their culture is a priceless experience. The Japanese are reputed to work hard and be quite stressed out, and this may be reflected in the busy streets of the capital, Tokyo. However, the Japanese have a way to relax that is equally beautiful and effective: the onsen. An onsen is a 100% natural hot spring bath that purifies skin and body and relaxes the mind

onsen tokyo

The Japanese have been discovering these springs for centuries, and adapting the areas around them. That´s why there are all types of onsen. The overwhelming majority, however, are outdoors. We must also remember that Japan is a country where it is cold in the winter months, so seeking refuge in an onsen is a real treat because you may be able to enjoy the hot waters while snowflakes fall. And the more traditional onsen are situated in Japanese gardens that are true works of art.

The city of Tokyo´s many onsen of all types are definitely worth visiting. Here are a few of these Japanese-style spas that you can visit during your stay in one of our apartments in Tokyo to reenergize yourself and give a treat to your body, which is especially ideal if you’ve been under a lot of stress. Who said that everything in Tokyo is stressful?

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Although there’s an nsen for every taste, the general consensus is that the best onsen in Tokyo is the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Located on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, this haven of relaxation has it all, from outdoor onsen in beautiful gardens to a luxurious interior with relaxation and massage rooms as well as restaurants and shops. You can really spend an entire day there giving in to your every whim.

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More traditional is Shimizu-yu in Musashi Koyama, an onsen where you can enjoy a gold bath or black bath, baths whose waters are the color of their description, medicinal waters that regenerate your body and put you in a special state of relaxation. Shimizu-yu is located in a more traditional and very welcoming Japanese environment. And the prices are lower, too.

Jinata Onsen

Anyway, for an authentic experience at an outdoor onsen surrounded by nature, you have to travel to the island of Shikine, or Shikine-jima as they say in Japanese. There the onsen are truly spectacular, especially Jinata Onsen. Although it is 160km from the capital, it is still considered part of Tokyo which is deceptive since the natural scenery and fresh air are such a delight. Best of all, this onsen is free. But remember that it can only be enjoyed at low tide.

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If you´re a fan of thermal baths, the Japanese version is rather unique. It´s hard to beat soaking in a thermal bath with views of Mount Fuji or with cherry petals descending onto you and into the onsen. Try something different this vacation find apartment accommodation in Tokyo and discover this fascinating city and its onsen.

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