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The 2014 Bread & Butter in Berlin

In English, the expression “bread and butter” means something very simple, something to which one is accustomed to do. And the tradeshow Bread & Butter is anticipating big things in Berlin this year, where it will celebrate its 10th edition. As an exhibition of urban and contemporary fashion, Bread & Butter brings the best brands from around the world, and the brands are the stars of this event.


More than 600 exhibitors from the worlds of fashion, fashion denim, sports, street fashion, workwear and smart casual fashions will exhibit their works for three days, from July 8 – 10. Once again, the venue will be the former Tempelhof Airport, which is now abandoned and used as a park, the setting for big concerts and as an exhibition hall that hosts major international events like B & B.

Bread & Butter was founded in 2001 and is celebrated twice a year, in January and August. It started in Cologne with great success but moved to the German capital, Berlin, in 2003. As a representation of our ever-changing world, the show was held in Barcelona in 2005, and then was alternated between the two cities until July 2007 when it stayed in Barcelona. In January 2009, Bread & Butter returned to Berlin, where it has remained to date.

In these thirteen years of existence, the brands that have populated the stands of the fair present new and different proposals each time, so you won’t feel like you’ve seen it before. As the organizers say, Bread & Butter “realizes the concept of an innovative trade fair event for contemporary clothing culture.” Here you’ll find the latest trends in urban clothing, which are constantly changing.

Each year, therefore, the fair has a theme and this year’s theme is Carnival in Brazil. Many of the exhibitors will focus on this subject, so we expect a lot of color and rhythm at this, the second show of 2014. The organization says this year that Bread & Butter “is not a tradeshow – it´s an experience. The rhythm of business finds an intense focus on brands & buyers.” And it could not come at a better time, since it coincides with the World Cup final that is scheduled to be held in this South American country, a country that is certainly very fashionable right now. Bread & Butter will transport you to Brazil and immerse you in the culture of soccer and samba.

Urban fashion, trends, colors and rhythms are awaiting you at this year´s Bread & Butter. Rent one of our apartments in Berlin this summer and visit this unique tradeshow.