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Café im Literaturhaus

A café, restaurant and bookshop cannot be found in many places, but it can in the city of Berlin, in Café im Literaturhaus.


With a perfect atmosphere to relax, Café im Literaturhaus offers the possibility of enjoying of two of life´s pleasures at the same time: eating a delicious dish and devouring a book in our hands and this cannot be found every day around the corner. For that, this café is famous in Berlin, Germany and the world.


Thousands of tourists that come to see it and, while they´re there, have a lovely coffee to warm up in the cold, winter afternoons in the city. The patio that it has can be used both in winter and summer and it´s a beautiful place, full of windows where one can read relaxed with natural sunlight.


They offer all types of dishes and of the most exquisite flavour and quality. There are for all tastes, like vegetarians, seafood, pastas and, of course, the most famous and typical German dishes that all traveller wants to try.


If you rent apartments in Berlin you have to spend an afternoon in this café so you can take a lovely memory of the city, it´s surroundings, its literature and its delicious food.