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Amsterdam for Lovers

The capital of the Netherlands is yearly visited by over 4 million travellers from all over the world.

Visitors come to this beautiful and exciting city to experience its rich history, great museums, characteristis canals, and of course the famous Red Light District and numerous “cozy” coffee shops.



Amsterdam offers the perfect romantic scenery when roaming along the canals with your loved one. The city just has this welcoming, warm and magical athmosphere that every visitor will feel. Let us reveal some more of that romance the city has to offer. Here is a, by locals carefully selected list of romantic places in the warm heart of the city. Only for Lovers.


Canal Cruise

Surrounded by water, the best thing to do is take a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. This is a great way to have a look at the charming city from a whole other point of view. Recommended specially when the sun has gone down. It is also possible to rent a private boat just for the two of you.


Explore by tandem

For active couples it is a great idea to explore the cities treasures by bike. Rent a tandem to bike around together as a team. Bring a long a picnic basket and a picnic in the Vondelpark.



This park was voted by locals as the most romantic spots in Amsterdam. Almost a quarter of the cities residents had a special moment in their life they think of when crossing the Vondelpark.

Also an excellent place to relax on a blanket and have a romantic picnic.


Nomads Restaurant

This restaurant will guarantee a romantic success. It can not be compared with any other existing restaurant as the atmosphere is breathtaking . You and your lover can relax on the soft pillows and just enjoy the food, vibe and the music.


The Dylan´s Courtyard

Behind the walls of the Dylan Hotel is one of Amsterdam´s best kept secrets: a charming and authentic Courtyard. Lightened by candlelight, this quiet place is one of the most romantic places to enjoy an excellent dinner. When the sun shines it is also a great place to have lunch or a delicious high tea.


Art Deco Romance in the Tuschinski Heather

Go back in time to the roaring twenties in this just amazing theater. This imposing building is one of Amsterdam´s most cherished buildings, as well outside as from the inside. See a movie with your love and take place in one of the Love Seats. Enjoy some champagne while sitting close to each other watching one of the latest movies. Make sure to book in advance.


Some Red Light Romance

A evening in Amsterdam´s most famous Red Light Theater Casa Ross will guarantee a fun, entertaining and sexy night. Do not be scared as the entertainment is not as “hardcore” as you might think. A lot of visitors come here with their dates or partners, it is the best theater in the Red Light District to go to for some adult fun.

You will be seated in a red pluche chair, have one of the many tasty cocktails and just be entertained by the live show which contains a lot of humor.