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Apartment of the month: City Comfort Ap

A small, simple apartment in Central London has reached our top sellers spot this month of July.


Its major assets: an exceptional location with easy access to public transport, a well equipped property (washer, dryer, microwave, iron, heating, WI-FI, etc.) and, of course, a very attractive selection of photographs.

Once again we have proven how a good photo gallery can make the difference. City Comfort Ap is presented to the guest with elegance, simplicity and allows them to have a clear idea of ​​the size of the apartment, as well as its layout.



Furthermore, guests can get a feel for the kindness of the property’s owners through the descriptions. A flexible owner focused on satisfying travelers’ needs, may they be solo travelers, couples or families, is valued and is one of the advantages this apartment has to offer.



We could also add that the name of the apartment fits perfectly, and the customer appreciates this. All of this at a very competitive price, especially considering its features: 70m2 of comfort for five in Central London for 136€ per night (109 GBP).

Here is the link to the apartment if someone wishes to check it out.

Congratulations, Mark!