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Pavillon de Paris

Rodolphe Rodet and Jean-Claude Fédou are two French food fanatics that opened this restaurant in Budapest in 2010. It´s not been open for long but since its beginnings people backed them and every day it receives many clients that go home happy after having enjoyed exquisite French food.


The place is called Pavillon de Paris and it´s directed by a group of Hungarian and French chefs that help and compliment each other creating the best recipes for each selected dish.


The atmosphere of the place is ideal to have a nice relaxed meal. The best dishes go from fishes with different accompaniments to the best meats, cooked to the taste of every client.


Its patio, which can be enjoyed in spring and summer, offers an even warmer atmosphere where each client feels like at home and can eat at ease. The prices and the whole menu are online on the restaurant´s webpage.


If you want to eat something tasty and enjoy the city, rent apartments in Budapest look sharp and go out to eat with whoever you want. Because the restaurant is in the centre of town, afterwards you can go and visit monuments and interest points of the city.