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Arigó is a modern restaurant but with style, that finds itself in the city of Barcelona and is a tourist and local favourite, for those who are looking for new and tasty flavours.


The motto of the place is that nothing is as nice as it is at home and nobody is ever as comfortable anywhere as they are in their own house. But far from it being a paradox, what Arigó restaurant tries is to make us feel like at home, comfortable, enjoying delicious and exclusive meals, with secret recipes from the grandmother and always in a warm, calm and family environment.


On the restaurant´s webpage we can see the menu with the price list, which is a good option for those travellers who are looking for a good price. They know how much they´re going to spend and they can choose without problems.


One of the preferred dishes as a starter are the potatoes prepared especially with fried eggs “apuntillados” (sticking), different types of vegetable soups or many different fresh salads made with the most varied vegetables and colours.


As a main dish we can choose between different meats, prepared in different ways. Like for example roast pork ribs, a beef chop or grilled veal. There is also fresh fish and other seafood such as octopus, clams and shrimps.


And the prices are pretty affordable for the pocket of the tourists. To finish, the dessert is also delicious and they offer us various possibilities but the one which is liked the most is the classic tiramissu or the chocolate truffle.


To enjoy this restaurant in the city, rent apartments in Barcelona and go out and eat at Arigó, where you will find flavour, variety and quality.