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Florian is a warm restaurant in the city of Berlin, where thousands of people come to eat there for the quality of its dishes and the elegance and good taste of the lounge.


But what attracts the public the most is that all of its ingredients are organic, cultivated and harvested in their own gardens and vegetable gardens.


That way they can offer fresh, natural and healthy dishes in an adequate atmosphere: luminous, disorganized and ventilated. It´s like being at home, comfortable, relaxed and the food is homemade.


It has over 25 years experience which endorse the quality of the service and its exquisite dishes. The Berliners recommend it and the tourists visit it daily looking for new flavours.


Plenty of varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served to enjoy while the food is cooking. The wine list is very extensive and it allows the client to choose the best option to accompany his dish.


If you´re in the city you can´t miss out on the chance of enjoying something so different and wonderful.


Rent apartments in Berlin and go out and eat the best organic dishes in the area at restaurant Florian.