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A Beccafico

A Beccafico is a classic Venetian restaurant and very famous among the tourists that want to go and eat at a truly local place and not at a fast food restaurant that they can find anywhere else in the world.

Because of that, the restaurant is always full and you can hear many languages from around the world in its lounges. Even the people of Venice go there when they want to eat typical Italian dishes like pasta with different sauces, lasagna and fish, in different preparations as well.

Although the restaurant A Beccafico isn´t in the city centre, it´s easy to get to via San Stefano to go and eat some of the best dishes of the area, the tastiest and (most importantly) the ones that are prepared with the most dedication and to the best homemade style.


If you want to enjoy a different Venice, if you want to really get to know its favourite restaurants, if you want to feel Italian for the day, rent apartments in Venice grab the map of the city, put some comfy shoes on and after visiting the museums and monuments go and eat at A Beccafico. You won´t be disappointed.