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Berlin is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world as well as one of the most visited by tourists from all over. The history of the place, its museums, monuments and natural beauty with its exceptional parks make of it one of the most chosen destinations. But there´s also a time of year when the streets fill up with film fans who go to enjoy the International Film Festival.

The festival, better known as Berlinale, is one of the most prestigious around the world, and it takes place every year in the German capital. The prize, which has the shape of a bear, is forged in gold and it´s the one with the most value. There are also silver bears to the best direction and interpretation, both masculine and feminine.

If you love film, the Berlinale is one of the most interesting festivals and you can´t miss it. Many of the films which end up being a worldwide success are presented at this festival.

If you decided that you want to get to know this important festival, you just have to rent apartments in Berlin and you can enjoy, as well, one of the most important cities in the whole world.