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The Best Sushi in Barcelona

Do you like sushi? An affirmative reply would be the first requisite to continue reading. And here comes the second- would you like to attend a true visual and culinary spectacle in Barcelona? It’s time to treat your taste buds at one of the Barcelonian venues we are about to recommend. Try Shibui’s show cooking, eat good value sushi at Sushimore, or enjoy Monster Sushi’s Japanese terrace. However, to fully appreciate everything we are about to let you in on, it’s essential that you like raw fish.

Awakening all your senses is easy. The Shibui experience is a long journey through Japanese flavor, led by the expert hand of Kazutoshi Komuta, a Japanese master with a prominent career in Asia and Europe. He is the accomplished chef behind some of Japan’s most innovative culinary creations. In addition to his gluten-free menu, he offers a degustation menu for 42 euros. And among other dishes, we can recommend his Sashimi Moiawase, the Chuchûcai Seto, the Tataki Uramaki, the Spicy Tuna Uramaki and his nigiri. One of the keys to his success is his motto, “Happiness is only real when shared”, a life philosophy he follows down to a T. And that is why at Shibui they strive to leave their guests with a good taste in their mouth, making sure they’re happy and satisfied to have experienced their real Japanese show cooking, on the number 272 of Comte de Urgell. And keep in mind you can always order it to go, should you prefer to enjoy at home.


Sushimore is a small franchise that besides Barcelona has also set up shop in cities like Madrid, Navarra, Tenerife, Girona, Tarragona, Alava, Alicante, Malaga, Leon and the Balearic Islands. Variety is their forté. They carry different menus with names alluding to different moods: Be Happy, Be Sushi, Be More, Be Fine, Be Good, and Be Better. There’s no question that it’s a healthy way to taste traditional Japanese cuisine, and definitely good value. Where to find them? Look for them at the crossing of Seneca Street and Riera de Sant Miquel, almost at the level of Diagonal Street.


But Barcelona is a large city and there is no shortage of Japanese restaurants deserving our praise. At Monster Sushi you can’t go wrong. It won’t fail to surprise whoever you take there. For starters, the restaurant offers three different ambiences for their guests: an intimate lounge on the ground floor, a larger lounge upstairs, and a huge terrace right on Plaza Gala Placidia. The venue alone is worth it but the menu doesn’t disappoint. You can choose a set menu, or order a la carte. We recommend you try their edamame, delicious steamed and salted soybeans.


And we couldn’t leave Nomo out of this post, one of the best Japanese restaurants Barcelona has to offer. Located on the number13 of Paseo de Gracia, there is nothing better than their foie gras nigiri with teriyaki sauce, or their famous Philadelphia Rolls. And to top it all, it is relatively inexpensive. Take good note: you can have a full meal for about 20 euros a head.

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