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Brandenburg Gate and Paris Square

The Brandenburg Gate is an icon in the city of Berlin for participating passively in all the political and historical events in the city in the last 400 years.


Built in the 18th century with the architectonic influence of Athens, The Brandenburg Gate was one of the many that were distributed along and wide of Berlin. But it was never taken care of or restored and during the Second World War it suffered a lot of damage.


Afterwards, with the construction of the Berlin Wall, the gate and the park that holds it, the “Pariser Platz” (Paris Square), were inaccessible for the whol population because they were part of the frontier line and neither the West Berliners or East Berliners could visit the place.


And so, with the passing of time, it started to crumble but, in 1989 with the falling of the Berlin Wall and the unification of the city, the Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of the city again. It was restored and it´s currently home to cultural events, commemorative acts and different festivals in Berlin.


The monument now looks like what it used to. Eleven metres tall, it´s in the centre of the city and it´s an excellent starting point for the tours that take place around the city.


If you want to know about the history of this beautiful but punished European city, rent apartments in Berlin and go out and see its universal history.